Earn regular profit from Forex trading – 4 tips for earning regular profit trading Forex

  1. Do not believe for a moment that you can just jump into the market and go out with your peeps to name a few. The market can be pretty rude to unrelated players & I & # 39; m these traders. Players & # 39; Because that's exactly what they are doing – completely absurd about the way the market operates.
  2. Some brokers refer to forex trading as a "bet". The truth is I don't trust these national brokers. For people who truly trade & # 39; It will be a matter of great pleasure. For betting gamblers who are just trying their luck. Traders know where the product they are working on is going and buy it just to sell it for profit.
  3. The law of economics is applied and the professionals' To assist the businessman; In this case there are many tools available to help determine the demand and supply of the currency they are trading.
  4. Forex trading takes time to forex. Frankly, it took me 6 years. It is still not possible for me to know exactly where to enter or where to go out of business to make a profit, but I know when to reduce my losses. Read on to find out:

Forex trading rules that have worked for me – manual trading, technical charting, average of minimum points per day, dual monitor usage and earning profit on commissions.

I've developed a strategy over the years, a fully manual business strategy, so it's a strategy tester & # 39; Is not tested on; – Probably because of my lack of scripting knowledge – but I doubt it could be automatically created.

My strategy involves technical charting, news and personal, humanitarian monitoring. My strategy is to take 10 to 400 points on a fractional pipe platform using the MT4 platform. This includes sitting in front of the monitor for a few hours each day (to 5 hours).

It is not possible to enter the market multiple times a day, despite being able to accept up to 20 winning businesses (and at least 7 winning businesses) multiple times. Sometimes I do 2 business a day, sometimes I do nothing. However, I was not able to order more than 5 in one day.

I make an average of 25 points a day which becomes 500 points a month. Trading 16 lots ($ 10,000 per lot) on a fractional pipe platform I make $ 800 a month! Not bad for a $ 500 account trading with 1: 400 leverage!

Waiting for the screen for hours and waiting for setup can be a pain. However I also doubled as a writer. One monitor is my Forex trading and the other is dedicated to my writing.

I manage a Forex account with 6 friends who pay me commission on profit, so my idea is, & # 39; PIP & # 39; Really added. Not bad for a side business! & # 39;

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