Forex Futures Trading

Foreign currency gains are significant over currency futures trading. The difference between the two instruments is the fact-finding reality of each, such as their history, their intended audience and their importance in the modern forex market, the use of transaction fees, margin requirements, access to liquidity, access to more complex issues, and technical and educational […]

In favor of and against the use of technical and fundamental analysis of Forex

There are basically 2 primary methods that Forex traders use to analyze the market. They are technical and fundamental analysis. Pure technical analysts will say that trading in this news is impossible, because the market goes away so quickly and any news chart there tells you. On the other hand, fundamentalists would say that only […]

Which time frame should you trade and which one is the most profitable?

Most Forex traders have no idea how or why Forex prices move, and what is wrong with the time frames they trade. In this article, we will look at three popular time frames and which are the best time frames for trading in your trading strategy. In the forex markets, all the basic supply and […]

The SC Gamecocks begin the 2012 football season with a top-10 finish

The University of South Carolina began its 2012 football season with a Top 10 ranking. The Gamecocks are coming off a record 11 wins in the 2011 season. In the 9th preseason poll, the Gamecocks started the season with a road win over Southeastern Conference rival Vanderbilt. South Carolina running back Marcus Lattimore scored two […]

5 Ways Blockchain Will Transform the Life of a Common Man

With all the media crying about cryptocurrency pricing news, you might be wondering how this affects an average person. There's blockchain technology at the center of cryptocurrencies and other digital currencies. There are various industry and administrative issues that technology can solve for ordinary people. Do you own a small business but often feel that […]